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If there are no registrants by cut off times, class will be is canceled.

All classes at Pilates Barre and Jams are Deliberate-Paced.

What the hell does that mean?


Merriam-Webster says this about the word deliberate: slow, unhurried, and steady as though allowing time for decision on each individual action involved.


So basically it means that the class is like a Sunday drive while Teresa uses imagery, metaphors and other stuff to challenge you to connect with the juiciness of the work. This includes details about form, alignment or movement of an exercise. She may slow the tempo or even pause class to explain a concept or a movement pattern. Legend has it, if the synergy is just right and the Squad is in a good groove, Teresa may speed up the pace for 1 or 2 exercises to share with the Strong Squad just how strong they in fact are. This tactic produces some serious side-eye in the moment and there are always comments of how good bodies feel afterwards. 

Private Sessions - By Appointment Only (Online via Zoom)

Private 1-on-1, duo, and small group sessions are also available if you require a more personalized approach to achieving your goals or want to workout with a group of your friends. Contact me here.


CANCELLATION POLICY Important! Please read! Cancellations require notice at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment. Missed or cancelled classes or sessions will be billed to your account whether prepaid or reserved without payment

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